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Here in Dublin we’ve been hitting up a lot of parks. 

Of course, there is our local, Tymon Park.  Replete with fountains, swans, play equipment, winding paths, a GAA and many, many sporting fields Tymon fulfills all my local park needs.

We’ve also enjoyed the delights of Phoenix Park, Dublin’s main city park.  Apparently Phoenix is also the biggest city park in the world and it rivals New York’s Central Park in all the right ways.  The Irish president and the American ambassador live in homes in Phoenix Park that look like mini versions of the White House, but without the tall, tall walls.  There was a sizeable herd of deer grazing on a brambly plain. It felt like we were at a game park in South Africa. 

Our stop was the grounds of a stately property within Phoenix Park, called Farmleigh.  There we played in a walled garden, explored herb plantations and conservatories, watched donkeys and cows and had a picnic.

There is also lovely Bushy Park which totally reminded me of Zoo Lake in Johannesburg, mainly because the surrounding streets and homes were very Parkview (albeit more modest). It’s full of private school kids playing hockey and soccer, as well as lots of open, green spaces and a play area with dangerous equipment and a crocodilian see-saw.

And, my favourite, the park at Howth Harbour. It’s small, and a longish journey, even if it is on exciting public transport. But it’s good because every bit was safe for my fear-nothing children. Most parks have equipment for different aged kids, but this one was totally suitable for under 5’s. So it was more peaceful for me, even if less daring for the kids.

Thank you Celtic Tiger, for the parks in Dublin.


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