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Zero sleeps to go

This afternoon my love arrives in Dublin. We’ve been apart for three weeks. It’s been hard for me, but I’ve been surrounded by new sights and sounds, busy children and lovely relatives. But Stephen has been occupying the daily grind, as well as packing up our house and moving.

Today Stephen comes home. He’s lived in Australia for one year and was in South Africa for the previous twelve. But Dublin is unequivocally his home. He’s an Irishman. And now that I’ve lived in his city and family home for a few weeks I understand him a little more.

As well as the help with the kids I am looking forward to Stephen and I having somewhat of of frienassance. I love that phrase, the suggestion of renewed connection and moving forward speaks volumes (I wish I could claim the phrase, but alas it’s pilfered from ‘Friends’.) Hopefully while Stephen is here we will have an opportunity to escape together into a few Dublin museums, pubs and perhaps the beach.

We’ve only known each other for about four and a half years and in that time we’ve married, had two children and moved countries. A few chances to exhale while we are here in Dublin will be most welcome.

But mainly we’ll be doing stuff as a family, and as members of a broader, extended family.

Welcome home, darling.


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