Scary stories from a lovely place

Family portraits

This weekend has been full of family fun of the extended kind. All the Reid’s are staying in Dublin – eating and drinking, playing in the backyard, riding trikes, playing doctors, jumping wildly off Granny’s nice lounges, visiting more amazing parks and generally having lots of fun with lots and lots of kids.

There are 10 kids ranging from 9 months to 8 years old. Keeping them sorted is the order of the day. In between that there’s been pockets of time for catching up with long lost siblings, drinking wine, eating delicious Irish biscuits (more to come on those later) and relaxing in front of ambient open fires.

This afternoon was photo time. The older kids were the loudest protestors, so lots of bribes were offered. One of the younger kids was struggling at one point and was offered cake. This is a new one (of many) new words that Silas is using every day here in Ireland. He was then given a handful too which Oisín kept trying to swipe. Getting ten kids to look at the camera is one of life’s grand impossibilities.

Here are my favourites.

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