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Rhubarb wrap up + recipe sharing

Evidently rhubarb is a popular topic. My post on rhubarb was one of my most popular ever, and that mainly with strangers. This is another of rhubarb’s mysterious qualities. It’s weird but so many people love it!

I’ve pillaged my in-laws Dublin based Rhubarb crop a few more times and now it is desolate. Bare. Disappeared.

I’ve made a couple more crumbles. It’s just so quick and easy I can’t resist! Although one time I forgot to add sugar while stewing the rhubarb and so it was quite, quite tart. But a generous dollop of ice-cream saw it right.

I also made this

It suits rhubarb well, in that it is an odd recipe. The main ingredient is sugar, but not just normal sugar – icing! And it has a few different layers of different combinations and presentations of what are essentially the exact same ingredients. I thought it was delicious, as did the rest of the family, but Stephen pooh-poohed it. He said he likes his rhubarb in very particular forms. I think it is so linked in his mind to memories of his childhood that I had stomped on some sacred ground with my new recipe.

In honour of rhubarb’s popularity may I suggest you share your favourite recipe in the comments section of this post, or add a link to one. Let’s share the rhubarb love!


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