Scary stories from a lovely place

Hose Time

Days like this are perfect for Hose Time.

Two children
A hose

Position children in garden.
Place hats firmly on heads.
Turn hose to low.
Give to children.
Vacate the area.

Seriously though, Hose Time is a waste of water. And water is a precious commodity. And it costs money. And some people have to trek really far each day to get clean drinking water. And some people die because they don’t have clean water.

I’m sure before I had kids I swore I would never let them play with water for the above reasons. I feel pretty bad whenever I instigate Hose Time. I think I will look into some programs that seek to care for people in other countries who don’t have clean water in an effort to offset the wastage that I perpetuate during Hose Time. Suggestions welcome.

Hopefully when I buy a house it will have a nice garden and I can buy a big, fat rain water tank to collect this precious commodity. Then Hose Time can go ahead without requisite guilt.


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