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Over at Ellie’s place last week I had the honour of writing her weekly ‘Feminine Friday’ post. As the name suggets, each Friday Ellie writes a post that is about an issue of particular concern for women, or about womanhood in the bible. Being both a woman and a theologian, I can’t think of anyone better equipped to write such a weekly instalment than Ellie.

I have tried a few times to write on different topics for Ellie’s Feminine Fridays but have struggled to finish each time. After some prompting from El last week I sat down and wrote about the easiest thing I could think of. Motherhood. Boring, no? As I was editing it and sending it off to Ellie I was berrating myself for becoming a stereotypical stay at home mother – one who cannot think about anything else. Hopefully I will be able to finish some of those other posts, but in the meantime, here is the link to the post.

While you’re there be sure to also read this post about Dinah from the Old Testament and this one about her mother, Leah. They are both excellent portrayls of important, but overlooked bible figures, and Ellie’s writing is as poignant as it is theologically robust. And you should also read this series entitled ‘Does God want women in the kitchen?’. Love a bit of bible with some emotional engagement!


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