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Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, some wonderful things happened.

First, Stephen didn’t leave home to go to work before the first streaks of light had appeared above the horizon. He has been working some crazy long hours for an evil construction company. We shared delicious pancakes with the kids and swapped perfunctory Valentine’s Day presents. Unfairly, i was pretty sure Stephen would forget Valentine’s day, so addled by glass curtain wall defects is his poor mind of late. But he came good with carnations and perfume. He doesn’t disappoint.


Then we shared a sneaky lunch at a seaside cafe. Did you happen to notice the weather yesterday? The sky was painfully clear, the ocean green and spotty blue, the sun bright and the horizon crisp.

After I dropped Stephen back to work I checked out a local op shop and found not one but two perfect little skateboards for my two children. They have been much influenced by their older cousin of late and since Christmas Silas’ desire for “gateboards” has been ever present. When I got home I told Silas and Oisin that I had a special present for them both. Silas said “oh yeah a special present” and hasn’t stopped saying it. Needless to say he and his brother were very excited by their skateboards and there have been many scraped knees and bumped bottoms since yesterday afternoon.



I love giving presents. I like thinking about what someone will like and then tracking it down. And I love finding spontaneous but perfectly providential gifts, like the skateboards. And of course I like to receive presents too. The whole gift giving and receiving thing must be one of the best parts of life and relationships. So while Valentine’s Day is certainly a waste of time and manufactured by the greeting card and chocolate empires (but no more so than Easter or Christmas or gross Australia Day), I have really enjoyed the gift side of it this year.


One comment on “Presents

  1. ellidhcook
    February 15, 2013

    Oisín looks like such a wee toughie – adorable!
    Glad you had such a nice day (will you send me a message with your new address when you get a moment?)x

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