Scary stories from a lovely place


Prior to this week’s wave of rain we had been enjoying much fun outside in our new surroundings. As well as many walks to the lake at various times of day – I haven’t yet decided if it’s more beautiful by early morning, blazing noon or dusk light – we are loving our big, sloping backyard.

We’re climbing the front Jacaranda, running down the slope in the back, digging in flower beds and racing cars down the slide.

It’s all been wonderful, but so far the best thing is my old hammock that Stephen managed to hang within the boughs of the front Jacaranda. It’s fun for swinging, piling on top of adults and rolling out of.

Silas and Oisín aren’t known for their calm temperaments but if they climb into the hammock a whole new, peaceful demeanour overcomes them. Oisín wraps his little arms around my neck and snuggles his face into my cheek. He doesn’t move from that position. Silas too snuggles in close and says “sing me a song mummy”, “tell me a story”.

We have shared some very precious moments together bathed in the dappled, green shards of light coming from the sky. We’re enjoying the rain too; lots of indoor games, train track building and television watching. But we are looking forward to getting back into the love hammock and our green, sodden garden.

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