Scary stories from a lovely place


Today is this special guy’s birthday.


We let him sleep in, cooked him bacon and eggs, gave him a nice present (this sweet ply folio with hand-woven notebooks inside. Stephen already had one notebook and when I creased the cover his face looked like when I shredded the body-kit on his pre-marital racing car. Needless to say, he liked the present.)

A few weeks ago Stephen was made redundant from his position of under-appreciation for a dodgy construction company. So instead of getting a new job with another equally mean and soulless place Stephen decided to start his own business. He’s a problem solver he is. And so, about a week ago SPR Draw and Construct was born. It’s a little bit of carpentry, a little bit of maintenance and a little bit of architecture. And this morning, on his birthday, Stephen finished off his first paid job, that wasn’t for someone we knew (see photo below. A set of picket gates). When I came home at lunch time Stephen was beaming with pride on his lovely face. He is now doing what he has always dreamed of – working for himself; making beautiful and useful things well for people who want them.


I’ve always thought he was pretty clever and resourceful, but even more so now.

I think our kids enjoyed Stephen’s birthday too. Oisín went to sleep tonight singing the Happy Birthday song. Silas referred to today as “Dadda’s birthcake”. All’s well that ends well.


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