Scary stories from a lovely place


When it’s sunny I long for rain. Rain to soak my garden. Rain to cool the air. Rain to enliven my herb patch. But then when it rains, and pours, like it has for the last few days, I am desperate for the sun.

This week I’ve got slightly more vested in the sun shining than usual. This Sunday we’ve planned a sweet party for Silas’ birthday. I’ve bought all of his favourite food, balloons, candles and a dragon cake mix. I’ve planned games and an elaborate ‘pin-the-train-on-the-scary-bridge’. But, our house is little. Tiny. We’ve had dinner with four adults and four kids indoors and it was mad. So, the aforementioned fun is highly dependent on sunshine and no rain.

This morning dawned clear. There was blue sky and pale, yellow sunlight edging through my eastern windows.


There’s nothing quite like sunshine when it hasn’t shone for a while. In recognition, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite yellow-themed photos, from today and the last few weeks.


These are the flowers on my mustard plant. It grew fast and seeded just as quick. But now we have to wait for the pods to dry and pop and then we can harvest those babies, mix in some other ingredients and enjoy the result.


Stephen bought me these DeWalt work boots for Mother’s Day. I had looked at them longingly every time we went to the local hardware store (which is everyday). I’m not sure how feminine they are, but man they are comfortable, warm and good for this weather.


What better tool to drive cars along than a fancy builder’s level.



And from a recent trip to the beach. Oh I love the beach in winter. Crisp colours, warming sunshine and no rash shirts.

It’s raining again now, but hopefully we will enjoy more blues and yellows for my firstborn’s birthday party.


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