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Retro Television

We’re trialing a new parenting method, beginning tomorrow morning T minus 0800 hours. I like to call it ‘some more structure’. Previously we had been on the system of ‘a little structure’. Before I became a mother I imagined it would be ‘zero structure’. I was a real expert on parenting before I became one.

I’m wanting to build on the form of our day because I have been increasingly frustrated with my children and the ‘full time mother’ vocation.

So Stephen has hung a clock above the TV and I drew two little pictures and aligned them with certain times in the day when we will watch a show. I’m not sure it will be successful. It may be a problem that my drawings of a television bear littleresemblance to any TV my kids have seen. My nostalgic representation looks like the TV I watched when I was a kid. Or like a robot’s head, or a strange sort of butterfly.

It’s weird that when I draw cars or trains or anything mechanical it comes out as something from the Back to the Future movie set in the 50’s. TV’s with bendable aerials and telephones with twisty cords that hang on the wall are my reality. I always forget that it’s not the same for my kids. For my sons all day cartoons and touch screens are regular.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more manageable than today, and my kids won’t think that a robot is coming to visit at 8am and midday.



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