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Are The Greens anti-Christian?

Well, yes. That’s the short answer. The long answer is that all of politics has a strong anti-Christian stench to it these days.

Today a Christian acquaintance asked me who I was going to vote for, and I replied with The Greens. She was surprised and even a bit shocked, as if I had blasphemed or something. I returned the question and she replied ‘oh nobody. I’m just going to draw a flower on the form.’ Because that’s clearly the Christian way to manage our civic duty. Another person recently balked at my support of the Greens, saying ‘but they’re so anti-Christian!’.

I’ve come to the conclusion that The Greens are not that anti-Christian, not any more so than the other parties anyway, and certainly not more than the Libs or the ALP with their apparent ‘Christian’ leaders. If The Greens are indeed anti-Christian, it’s because they are secular. Australian society is decidedly secular, so I can’t see the great divide in assuming that a secular political party should make policies for a secular country.

I hate the rhetoric of the Christian parties, particularly the claim that Australia has a Christian heritage. I don’t get what that is exactly? The whole process of the colonisation and settlement of Australia was an exercise in pernicious Imperialism which led to the murder of tens of thousands of Aboriginal people, the rape of many women and girls, the capture of children and the loss and degradation of a rich culture. None of that accords with the teachings or life of Jesus, and so I don’t know what in that history Christians have to be proud of or that requires ‘preserving’.

In the 2007 election I voted for the Labour party because they held my allegiance. But further to that history I felt as though Rudd’s policies most closely aligned with my own Christian values – particularly regarding the strong stance he took on Climate Change, Indigenous recognition and a more compassionate approach to Asylum Seekers. Unfortunately the application of some of these policies has been disappointing, either because Rudd couldn’t follow through on them, or because of external pressures. A few months ago I wouldn’t have considered giving my vote to anyone but the ALP because I wanted to stand on principle and history. But things have changed.

From my reading of the Greens policies I see a lot that aligns with my Christian values, and only a few things that don’t. These negatives do concern me, but certainly not more so than Labour and the Coalition’s policies related to Asylum Seekers, such as mandatory detention or Abbott’s callous denial of legal aid for detainees. Or some of the money-chowing policies intended to gain extra votes, like Rudd’s subsidising of the Automobile industry or Abbott’s Maternity Leave scheme. Indeed most of Abbott’s personality repels me (sex appeal as a dad moment?).

Today Abbott and Rudd both addressed Christians and Church members. Their words deeply disappointed me. Rudd because of his approach to the bible and Abbott because of his falsities about representing all Australians. I don’t think either will make a good Prime Minister. But this time next week, after all the votes, Donkey or otherwise have been cast, one of them will be in charge of us, of our future and will represent us in the global forum. I just hope that my vote can affect the make up of the Senate. I would hate to see either party have unfettered control over everything.



3 comments on “Are The Greens anti-Christian?

  1. brobillrogers
    September 3, 2013

    Is there a political party in Australia which represents the interests of the Aboriginals or at least gives a credible nod in that direction?

    • kimlovesjozi
      September 4, 2013

      Depends how you define a ‘credible nod’. The two major parties would claim they do this, but it’s pretty token. Some of the smaller parties (like the greens) make more of an effort. There’s a new Indigenous party this year, called Australia’s First Nations Political Party.

  2. Emily @ The Beetle Shack
    September 4, 2013

    I always enjoyed watching the faces of my ‘christian education’ colleagues when announcing that I would be voting Greens. Oh the outrage! The cries of horror! The atrocities! That one would choose to vote for the party that would BAN (da da da dahhhhh) scripture in school and legalise GAY MARRIAGE? heavens forbid.

    I’m with you- If I look at the life of Jesus (not the ideals of the white, middle class church) I see it reflected *most* in The Greens. But really, i feel it’s all tokenistic these days. I’m so disgruntled with politics in Australia.

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