Scary stories from a lovely place

Little grumps



My children are being rather unpleasant at the moment. Look at those faces. They’d be cute if they didn’t spell major civil crisis.

I attribute the malaise to Christmas (the happiest time of the year!) and the stress of shopping for stuff that was going to be given to other little boys. The weather – hot and humid makes Sisi a sweaty boy. And annoying parents not letting them do whatever mad/selfish/dangerous/unhealthy thing they want to do/eat. In my mind I’m working on some ways to help them stop being little jerks as well as do more of the boring things they want me to, like be the bloody Fat Controller or walk over speed bumps, or chase them around and around and around.

It’s not been all bad. They are loving swimming at the moment. I’m trying to be more intentional when we are at the beach/estuary/pool and teach them some more swimming skills. Oisín is loving it (‘again!again!again!’). Silas is pretty wary of the water, but even he is really progressing and having lots of fun (which is what it’s all about after all). And I’ve somehow managed to get them to both have a nap at the same time, in their beds, at high noon. It’s surprisingly clockwork and has come about pretty naturally. I am loving not going for a drive to get them to sleep or using the television to send them into a rest-like coma. I’m glad that they’re ready for this, and that they, especially Silas, knows his limits and understands what his body needs when he feels tired.

Hopefully there will be more smiling faces around here soon, and if not, the grumpy ones are pretty cute too.


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