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Three cheers for boys

For the last three weeks we’ve been enjoying three cute little boys instead of two. Yesterday was my baby boys’ 3 week birthday. Liam Stanley was born at 5.04am on the day he was due, the 20th of June.

It was a great labour and delivery. It was fast and painful. Three hours at home, four minutes in the hospital and Liam was born. We were so pleased he arrived safely and not in the car or on the street or in the hospital elevator, all of which almost happened. We went home later that afternoon.

It’s been a wonderful three weeks for us as a family of 5. Liam Stanley is a dear boy, as they all are, but at this age they are particularly sweet. He is pretty easygoing so far, sleeps a lot and likes to be held. He is a mixture of his brothers in appearance – lighter hair and eyes like Silas, darkish skin like Oisin, the Stephen Reid chin and a pointier nose than the others.

Liam’s brothers are loving him. They aren’t jealous or confused about what he is doing lying on their couch or occupying my arms. Silas likes to cuddle him and keeps asking if Liam can sleep in bed with him. Oisín likes to stroke his fingers and say ‘he is so cute’. I like to hold him close to my chin for as long as the other two will permit. Stephen likes the funny little noises he makes and rocking him to sleep.

Stephen chose the name Liam. It means ‘Protector’ and is also the name of a plant in Persian. Stanley refers to one of our favourite neighbours in Johannesburg who often babysat Silas and was unceasing in his friendship to us.

After Silas was born a boy I had an eerie feeling that I would be the mother of boys only. Stephen’s brother is the father of four girls so it seemed to make sense that we would mirror them and have lots of boys. It scared me. Mothers of boys seemed tired and a little oppressed. This is indeed how I feel at the moment, but there’s also a strong element of excitement at what life will be like in the coming months and years surrounded by one excellent adult male and three wildly fun and interesting child males.

Boys are wonderful, especially new, tiny ones.





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