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Liam is 1

Happy Birthday to this most delicious and precious little person. Liam is one today. Hard to believe, of course, but he is not really even a baby anymore.


He was an oh so cute baby.

IMG_2966Happy to be held and cuddled all day long. Happy to sit on my knee in cafes and at the pool and the skate park. But that stage is all but over as he walks around and seeks to actively participate in all things.

The day before he was born, the 19th of June, was a particularly lovely day. Providentially the day before all my sons have been born has been full and fun. Last year I took Silas and Oisín to a skate park. Winter sun kept us warm while the kids scootered for hours and I wondered when the baby would be born.


Liam really has been a lovely addition to our little family. He enthusiastically plays with his brothers, patiently enduring their cuddles and tickles and wrestle moves. He is a bit obsessed with reading books at the moment and wanders around carrying favourite titles making imploring noises for someone to read. He loves the garden and the slide. He loves his dad and other beloved caregivers. I am looking forward to the next year and all that he will involve himself in.

Happy birthday Liam babes.


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  1. modumedi
    July 26, 2015


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