Scary stories from a lovely place


It’s true, Kimlovesjozi is a pretty random blog. It started out as a way of recording cool things that happen during life here in Johannesburg, South Africa. To be entirely truthful I started it as a way of countering, at least in my own little world, some of the negative attention that Joburg gets. It’s true, Jozi isn’t a popular city. But, after 3 years of living here, I still think it is wonderful. I wanted to show the good side, the beautiful, the humorous, as well as the ridiculous and sad sides of life in Joburg.

But, in the last year and a half of Kimlovesjozi’s life it has morphed into representing all aspects of life. I’m married to Stephen, we had a baby, Silas in June 2010 and we are having another in July 2011. I’m a Christian and serious about it. I like these things, and many others, which I outline on the ‘Who’ page. My point is, that it is all of these things that you will find delineated in the different pages of this blog. Just check the tags list, it’s varied from the personal to the social and political of South Africa, as well as other countries that I have an interest in.

I guess this page is intended as a warning. Don’t be put off by the variety of Kimlovesjozi. And if you’re interested in a particular part of what I write about, use the tags or categories to find what you want.

Loving Jozi

If you’re mainly interested in the posts about Johannesburg use the ‘Life in South Africa’ or ‘The Kwera Kwera’s guide’ categories. Essentially Kimlovesjozi is driven by just that, my love for Joburg, even if the information about this wonderful city sometimes gets lost in the rest of life.


One comment on “What?

  1. Lou Davies
    April 25, 2011

    Hey kim, long time no see! Just wondering if there is a way that I can get your blogs to go straight to my emial address?

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