Scary stories from a lovely place


Kimlovesjozi was started in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sadly, I now live in Wollongong, Australia. It’s sad, but it’s also good, because all my family are here and it’s beautiful and peaceful. I haven’t changed the ‘Who’ and ‘What’ pages with this geographical change because they reflect the soul of Kimlovesjozi and what it was intended to be when I started this blog.

I am still married to the excellent Stephen. He’s Irish, so our hearts are torn between South Africa, Australia and Ireland, where all of Stephen’s wonderful family are. I guess we’re lucky to love people in three countries, but it does tinge every day with a bit of sadness for those greatly missed.

We still have Silas our funny firstborn. Since June we now also have Oisín, our dark-haired secondborn son. Follow the tags to read about their names, births and the great time I have with them each day.

Sadly Kitty is no more. RIP Kitty. I am still a housewife. Stephen is still an architect. He still cooks meringue log. I still cook everything else. I still like tea, knitting, writing, the beach and the bible.


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